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    Curt Gano

    Welcome to the Tracy User Forum!!

    Thank you to our wonderful customers and friends who helped inspire us to offer this forum as a place to collaborate and discuss the UltraTime software and labor management topics in general.

    Many of you have expressed an interest in the idea of a user group and we hope you will provide, as well as gain, practical knowledge from the exchange of information.  With the Covid Pandemic providing so many new and unique challenges, we are constantly on the look out to provide methods, communications and tools to help and benefit each of you.

    Thanks to Ben for creating the site, Ben and Steve for moderating and Scott for helping to provide content.

    Please let us know of any ideas, criticism or thoughts you may have to make the site better, we appreciate it.

    Take care and we look forward to hearing and connecting with you in the near future!

    Curt Gano

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