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Tracy also offers UltraTime Enterprise as a cloud based, on-demand, subscription based service.

This is ideal for clients that would like to implement quickly and/or prefer a monthly expense, rather than having to secure financing and approval for a capital expenditure. Support is included in the subscription, eliminating the guesswork and headaches of owning and hosting an application in-house. With no need to buy servers and software licenses, a client can rapidly deploy and immediately begin reaping the benefits of automated time and attendance with a very low cost of entry.

Variously called Cloud, SaaS (software as a service), ASP (application server provider) On-Demand or Utility, a common basis of these terms is the application is hosted and managed offsite and the client is charged based on usage. With current versions, the software functionality is designed from the start to be delivered over the Internet from a single instance of the application to multiple clients, otherwise known at tenants. Tracy supports both multi-tenant, which is very cost effective through economies of scale, and single tenant, which allows for a high level of individual client configuration.

UltraTime Enterprise is a true 100% web-based product and is considered to be a Level 4 SaaS (Software as a Subscription) application, which is the final and most sophisticated level. Based on Microsoft’s .Net Framework, UltraTime Enterprise is scalable, configurable and can be implemented in a single or multi-tenant architecture. Users can access the software 24/7 from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Standard reports include time card, payroll journal, punch exception, department distribution, punch detail, yearly attendance, employee and department scheduling. Reports may be output in a variety of formats, including pdf, Excel, HTML, TIFF and comma delimited.

Employee and payroll integration is available for a variety of services and software, such as Peoplesoft, SAP, Banner, ADP, Ceridian and Paychex.

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  • Rapid deployment with low cost of entry.
  • Costs are relatively minimal and based on actual usage.
  • Secure, easy access, anytime, anywhere via the internet.
  • Upgrades and support are included.