UltraBadge System

The UltraBadge Enterprise ID Production system provides a powerful platform for designing, producing and managing your card ID program. Multiple ID layouts are easily configured and produced from a single system for employees, visitors, contractors and membership and loyalty programs.

  • Transportation
  • Manufacturers
  • Ski Resorts
  • Healthcare
  • Discount Clubs
  • Airports
  • Libraries
  • Casinos
  • Universities and Colleges


Web-Based and Scalable

Utilizing a web browser and easily accessible from multiple locations and scalable for future growth. Robust design includes support for load balanced, multi-server environments.

Variety of Badge Types

Produce magstripe, barcode, proximity, contactless smartcard, iCLASS® and MIFARE® badges.

Low Badge Cost

Utilizing a standard web camera or smart phone to take the employee image, UltraBadge Enterprise can produce a badge at a fraction of the cost of film based photo ID systems.

Flexible Badge Format

The badge design is user configurable, allowing the system administrator complete control over placement of text, graphics and video images.

Company Logos & Graphics

The badge design can include any photo, company logo or graphic art in industry standard Bitmap or JPG formats.

Data Base Information

The badge design can contain information that is keyed as well as retrieved from validation tables (MS SQL and Oracle) and is configurable for maximum system flexibility.

Full Integration

The UltraBadge Enterprise system can be used as a standalone system or fully integrated with the UltraTime Enterprise time and attendance system.

Variety of Printers

Utilizes standard, Windows compatible printer drivers for use with a wide variety of ID printer manufacturers, including Zebra, Fargo, Nisca and Digital Identification Solutions.

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