Time Collection

Real-Time Data. Informed Decisions.

Mobile smart devices, PC’s and Mac’s, fixed mount terminals, biometrics, IP phones, Tracy has a solution to quickly and easily capture the information you need to make your decisions.


Fixed-Mount Data Collection

The most popular method to collect time punches, fixed-mount terminals are permanently mounted, typically replacing the traditional time clock at an employee entrance.

Biometric Readers

With today’s emphasis on security, it has become increasingly important to have the ability to positively identify a person’s identity. Without a full time guard, organizations turn to the technology of biometrics, which measures a unique feature of a person. Fast, accurate and reliable, fingerprint and iris scanning are two popular methods that help to eliminate “buddy punching” and restrict access to secure areas.

Web-Based Input

Web-based entry screens are ideal for employees that spend their day at a computer, or in locations with too few employees to cost justify a data collection terminal. UltraTime Enterprise’s web-entry modules are PC and Mac friendly and can collect actual punches or net hour input.

Smart Devices

With the advent of today’s smart phones, the ability for managers and employees to access their information in real-time, anytime, became a reality. UltraTime Enterprise supports IOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android OS based devices (variety of manufacturers), as well as Windows Mobile based portables.



One of the most popular terminals, there are thousands of ATS terminals being relied on worldwide each day.


Sophisticated and powerful, ranging from the entry level IT11 and color touchscreen IT51, up to the state-of-the-art, facial recognition enabled GT8 and GT10, these terminals are feature rich and offer an incredible value.

Iris ID

The exciting new iT100 features the latest in safe, non-contact biometrics with a fusion of both iris and facial recognition technology.

IP Phones

Cisco IP phones are an excellent device for capturing employee punch times.

UltraPunch Web Time Clock

Employees can use a PC, Mac or smart device to punch, perform transfers and punch queries.

HandPunch (Legacy)

One of the most successful and widely recognized biometric terminals of all time. Hand geometry biometrics have now largely been replaced by finger, facial and iris recognition technologies.

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