Iris ID

Formerly the Iris Technology Division of multinational electronics giant LG Electronics.  Iris ID was established in 2002 in the United States to provide global management responsibility and overall direction for the strategy, product development, marketing, sales and distribution of the Company’s iris recognition technology products.

Iris recognition is generally considered to be the fastest and most accurate method of biometric identification. The iris is the ring, often colored blue, green or brown, that surrounds the pupil.  Iris recognition is based on photographing the iris and creating an encrypted iris template.

iT100 – The company’s latest non-contact biometric product, the IT100 is a smart terminal based on an Android platform that features a 7″ touch screen and an automatic tilt adjustment camera that provides both facial and iris recognition.




Accuracy – is derived from each iris being extremely detailed and unique, even between the left and right eyes and between genetic twins. The iris is fully formed by one year of age and remains constant throughout the life of a person. Approximately 260 data points are taken from the iris, which is 4 times as many as from a fingerprint.

Speed – comes from the relatively small size of the iris template that is created by photographing the iris. It is only 512 bytes, a fraction of the size of most other biometrics. This small size coupled with the accuracy allows for the incredibly fast searches, identifying a match in under a second among thousands of templates.

Key Features

  • Iris and Face Fusion that can utilize iris only, face only, or a fusion of both. The terminal captures both biometric technologies from a distance of approximately two feet in under a second.
  • Automatic Tilt Camera handles a wide range of user heights, typically from 4-1/2 feet to 6-1/2 feet tall.
  • Eye Safety Certified by UL, ANSI and international eye safety standards. Only a picture is taken of the iris (the visible colored ring around the pupil), no invasive laser or bright lights are utilized.
  • User capacity of 10,000 configured with one-to-many lookup.


For additional information, please click on the following link:

iT100 Brochure (pdf)