In today’s world it is more important than ever that there are effective procedures and equipment in place for monitoring and securing a facility to protect property and the health of the workforce.

To help ensure that only authorized personnel gain access and that management has accurate and timely knowledge of who, when and where someone enters a facility, Tracy recommends recognized leaders in their respective industries: Axis network security cameras, HID and Keri door access control equipment, and Detex guard tour verification.

A Tracy representative can help you design and implement a system that includes the best of what each of these technologies has to offer to give your security staff the edge in protecting your enterprise’s assets.


Door Access Control

Control a single door or hundreds of doors across dozens of locations. This scalable solution can utilizes the same ID credential for both access control and time and attendance, providing an easy to manage, cost effective solution.

Security Cameras

Smart, sophisticated IP cameras from a world leader featuring industry leading technologies including high definition lenses and sophisticated compression and encryption algorithms.

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