Time and Attendance

UltraTime Enterprise

UltraTime Enterprise is the core engine for the system, providing it with the menuing structure, authentication, data processing and reporting capabilities. A comprehensive offering of integrated modules allows the client to pick the functionality that applies to their needs, resulting in a cohesive, robust tool that their management and employees can fully utilize to maximize profits and reduce costs. Tracy’s ability to tailor UltraTime Enterprise to our client’s requirements and vision is one of our core values. We designed and developed the product for this purpose, and we take full advantage of it to provide a custom fit solution that is efficient and reduces the need for extensive training and hand holding. Whether your labor tracking needs are one hundred employees or ten thousand, relax with the knowledge that Tracy has the experience and expertise to successfully implement and support your system.

  • On-premises or Cloud based, UltraTime Enterprise is robust, secure and user friendly.
  • Easily accessible from mobile smart devices (iPhones, Android), PC’s and Macs.
  • Modern, web-based architecture compatible with most popular browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.
  • Fully scalable, utilizing inherent capablities of the Microsoft .Net Framework architecture.
  • Secure, industry standard encryption with native Microsoft SQL and Oracle backend.
  • More than thirty (30) tightly integrated modules available to assist with tracking job costing, occurrences, accruals, events, multiple payroll positions, overtime equalization and other desired functionality.

Onsite or Cloud-Based Delivery

Mobile Management

Provides management with real-time knowledge of their workforce’s labor hours with the ease and convenience of checking their mobile smart phone. User friendly screens allow managers to view and edit employee punch times, and approve, or deny, pending leave requests.

Mobile Employee

Allows employees to request leave time, post shifts for swapping, look for available shifts, and review hours worked. If desired, Mobile Employee’s intuitive interface can also allow employee punching with logged GPS coordinates for auditing.


UltraView Management Overview

The UltraView module provides an innovative, visual calendar approach to employee scheduling and time maintenance.

Multiple Position

The Multiple Position module provides an easy method for employees to work multiple positions.

Payroll Export / HR Employee Import

The Import and Export modules for UltraTime Enterprise allow for a single point of entry, with the HR/Payroll software being the system of record.

Automated Email

The Automated Email Notification module provides e-mail notification to designated recipients for schedule changes, general reminder messages as well as failure to act events.

Benefit Accrual

The Benefit Accrual module provides an automated method of tracking the leave hours accrued and taken by employees in accordance with the employer's benefit policy.


The Occurrence module tracks infractions, such as 'In Late ' or 'Absent' employees and assigns a point value to these infractions. The employee's point levels can then be used to rate their attendance record.

Absence Notification Call-In

The Absence Notification Call-In module provides a method for employees to report that they will be arriving late for their shift, leaving early, or will be absent for the day.

Overtime Equalization

The Overtime Equalization module provides an automated method for offering and tracking overtime.

Job Costing

The Job Costing module provides the capability to track and report on labor and materials by job number and job step.

Repetitive Parts

The Repetitive Parts module provides an integrated and seamless method to collect, process and report on employee production performance data in addition to standard time and attendance information.

ID Production

The UltraBadge Enterprise ID Production system provides a powerful platform for designing, producing and managing your card ID program.

Door Access

The UltraAccess module provides access control features to the UltraTime Enterprise software for a variety of environments, including doors, turnstiles, elevators and parking garages.

Event Labor Management

The Event module is designed to streamline and automate the process of scheduling and collecting the labor hours associated with a sporting or other labor intensive event.

Position Based Scheduling

The Position Based Scheduling (PBS) module allows "shifts" to be created with a defined location, service, job and schedule with the ability to manually or automatically generate and fill shift schedules.

Plays Nice with Existing Systems

One of the primary benefits of UltraTime Enterprise is that it features an open, non-proprietary architecture that allows us to easily integrate with other systems. We have experience in integrating with hundreds of different systems, including human resources, payroll, shop floor job costing, maintenance software, class scheduling and others. From simple, secure ftp flat file transfers to more sophisticated trigger-based native views with Oracle and MS SQL tables, our team has the tools and knowledge to get it done.