Multiple Position

The Multiple Position module provides an easy method for employees to work multiple positions. Common in the University environment, students can hold multiple jobs that have different pay rates, charged cost accounts, supervisors and effective start and stop dates.

Employees can swipe their employee ID at any authorized badge terminal which will then display a description of their various positions. They only need select the position on a touchscreen terminal or press the one or two digit code that correlates to that position on keyboard terminals. All of the corresponding information to the code is related by the multiple position table and attached to the punch as it is processed.

This module is table driven and configurable by the system administrator as to what information changes by position and needs to be tracked. The table is displayed in the Employee Master screen. Typically, the positions are created and driven by the Human Resource (HR) system, such as Banner, SAP or Peoplesoft. The UltraTime Import/Export modules are then configured to process the information in real-time utilizing triggers with the native SQL or Oracle tables, or via flat files that are batch processed.

Robust – employees may have as many different work positions as are required.

Easy – employees simply select the correct position on touchscreen terminals or enter the 1 to 2 digit code for keyboard based terminals. If an employee only has a single position, they don’t have to do anything, it will be chosen for them automatically.

Simple – by utilizing a position code, only the code has to be entered. All of the related information is automatically processed, typically including pay rate, cost accounts, supervisors and other accounting codes.

Flexible – the position records have effective start and stop dates, so it is easy to enter future changes as well as track old positions for auditing purposes.


  • Allows employees to work multiple jobs with different pay rates, charge accounts and supervisors.
  • Table driven, configurable and typically populated and maintained automatically from the HR system by the employee import process and exported automatically with the payroll export process.
  • Supports touchscreen and keyboard-based terminals, iPhones, Android phones and other smart devices.