UltraView Management Overview

The UltraView module provides an innovative, visual calendar approach to employee scheduling and time maintenance. Colored cells highlight the employees that need attention. Red cells denote missing punches or un-excused absences and light blue cells are minor infractions. Employee cells that require review may simple be clicked on to “drill down” into the cell’s detailed information. The operator may select from a variety of different period “views”, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly. There is even a special view that spans ten years. In addition, there are tabs to separate the detailed views of hours, absences, schedules and exceptions.


  • Easy to read calendar concept with a cell for each employee for a specified time frame, ranging from a day up to ten years.
  • Week range view may be changed from one to five weeks and may be overridden.
  • Tab separated data views including hours, schedules, absences and exceptions.
  • Cell size can be easily altered.
  • Utilizes colored cells to denote major and minor infractions or type of data.
  • Filters for selecting particular employees, departments, job codes, shifts, status or supervisors.
  • Unique “Drag’n Drop” scheduling of hours and leave of absences.
  • Both daily and override scheduling with effective start and stop dates.
  • Summary views of hours worked, leave hours and infractions totals.


Data access can be easily restricted based on a set of configurable parameters. Typically, this is used so a supervisor can only view and edit employees in their department, or for which they are responsible.