Position Based Scheduling

The Position Based Scheduling (PBS) module allows “shifts” to be created with a defined location, service, job and schedule with the ability to manually or automatically generate and fill shift schedules.  For instance, a cafeteria (location) may have a breakfast shift (service) with three cooks (job) from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM (schedule).  A position based schedule would be created for each of these jobs with the schedules defined.  The UltraTime Enterprise system can then automatically filter for employees with proper qualifications and availability to fill these shifts.

Qualifications are used to determine which positions an employee is qualified to work.  Employees may also enter defined preferences for what times and days they prefer to, or prefer not to, work.  Employees can also post their shifts on an availability swap board, where other employees with proper qualifications can accept the shift.  The shift swaps can be configured as direct or pending and require a supervisor’s approval.


  • Dashboard View by location of Scheduled vs Working.
  • Auto-Generated System Scheduling.
  • Employee Work Preferences.
  • Classroom Schedule Conflict Avoidance.
  • Maximum Daily and Weekly Hour Rules.
  • Mobile Web App.
  • Automated Text/Email Alerts.
  • Table Driven Configuration.
  • Location-Service-Positions.
  • Job Position with Qualification Code.
  • Employee Shift Swap Rules.
  • Employee Qualifications.
  • Holiday and Semester Break Rules.