Mobile Management

Optimized for On-the-Go

The primary tools in the manager’s mobile web app are the summary and single-day UltraView screens, which are mobile optimized versions of UltraView. The manager has the ability to easily review and edit employee punches, schedules and absences utilizing the same color coded, cell concept of the full-size UltraView module. By focusing on a single day that better suits the smaller mobile screen, the module retains the easy ability for a manager to drill into a cell and fix missing punches, confirm OT and approve or deny leave requests.


  • Punch review, add missing punches, confirm overtime hours.
  • Ability to filter for transferred and unconfirmed employees.
  • Schedule modifications and review.
  • Absence review for edits, approval and denial.
  • Easily navigate forward or backward a day at a time.


The UltraTime Manager mobile web app is compatible with most smart devices including iPhones, iPads and Android based phones and tablets.