Mobile Management

Optimized for On-the-Go

Management requires the tools to perform their jobs wherever and whenever they can which makes a powerful mobile web app essential in today’s competitive work environment. With UltraTime mobile management, the easy to use dashboard highlights the number of employees working and their total number of hours for today and this week. With the exceptions, swaps and absences tabs across the top, a manager can quickly access any issues, swap or leave time authorizations that may need immediate attention.



Dashboard showing employees working and total hours.


Options include the ability to easily and rapidly clock employees in or out as well as manage their hours and schedules. The shift swap calendar provides an overview and detail of all swaps that are active, pending and denied.



Two of the primary tools in the manager’s mobile web app are the single-day and summary UltraView screens, which are mobile optimized versions of UltraView. The manager has the ability to easily review and edit employee punches, schedules and absences utilizing the same color-coded, cell concept of the full size UltraView module.

Mobile UltraView – Single Day View


By focusing on a single day that better suits the smaller mobile screen, the module retains the easy ability for a manger to drill into a cell and fix missing punches, confirm OT and approve or deny leave requests.

The look and behavior of this single day view matches and behaves like a simplified version of the desktop version of UltraView.

Along with the employee’s name there is the worked hours for the day and any punch exception codes. Days with exception codes are also highlighted in a different color, blue or red, depending on the severity of the exception. The green check mark shows the days that have been reviewed and confirmed by the manager.


Tapping on the day’s hour cell will “drill in” and provide the punch details including start and stop times, lunch deductions, charged accounting codes and the employee’s schedule. The map button shows where the punches occurred based on GPS coordinates.


Mobile UltraView – Summary View



This mobile view optimizes the UltraView concept to provide a week’s worth of information for multiple employees on a small mobile phone display.

For Josh Adams, we can see he has worked 24.5 hours so far this week. By tapping on the blue down arrow button, the daily cells expand below his summary row, displaying the hours worked and exception codes for each day.




Employee’s weekly detail showing daily hours and punch infractions.





  • Optimized summary and single day views.
  • Punch review, edit and add missing punches, confirm overtime hours.
  • Compatible with most smart devices including iPhones, iPads and Android based phones and tablets.
  • Ability to filter for transferred and unconfirmed employees.
  • Schedule modifications and review.
  • Absence review for edits, approval and denial.
  • Easily swipe to navigate forward or backward a day, week or pay period depending on the view.


Ability for managers to stay informed 24/7, no matter where they are, the UltraTime manager mobile web app’s dashboard highlights punch exceptions, leave requests and provides employee’s daily and weekly scheduled and worked hours. UltraView provides fast and powerful punch and schedule editing capabilities as well as payroll approvals. Managers rely on UltraTime mobile to stay connected and solve labor and scheduling issues before they become a problem.