Automated Email

The Automated Email Notification module provides e-mail notification to designated recipients for schedule changes, general reminder messages as well as failure to act events. The automated emails are an excellent method to help remind supervisors to confirm their employee’s time entries prior to payroll. This eliminates the delays, inaccuracies and frustration caused by having to rush prior to payroll processing. The system is controlled by records in a task table which are periodically monitored by the service for tasks to process.

Primary Notification Types

  • General Reminder – This operation sends a simple email informing the recipient that some action on their part is now required, such as “Payroll Day – Please remember to submit your hours by 11am!”.
  • Employee Failure To Act – This operation sends an email to employees who have failed to enter their hours or absences for the completed pay period by the task event time. For example, if the entry deadline for employee hours is 11am, and they haven’t entered their hours by 9am, send an email informing them that their immediate attention is required.
  • Supervisor Failure To Act – This operation sends and email to supervisors who have pending employee leave requests or have failed to approve their payroll by the required time. For example, supervisor approval deadline may be 2pm that day, but if they have not approved by 1pm, send an e-mail that their immediate attention is required.