Benefit Accrual Module

The Benefit Accrual module provides an automated method of tracking the leave hours accrued and taken by employees in accordance with the employer’s benefit policy. An automated system not only saves time and reduces mistakes; it also insures that the proper rules are applied fairly to each employee.

The table driven design allows for user defined accruals to be easily created and managed. Common benefit hours that are accrued are vacation, sick, personal and holiday. Benefit hours may be accrued by many different frequencies, including; hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annually. The benefit year may coincide with the employee’s hire date, or with the calendar or fiscal year. Standard reports include a log report for auditing and an exceeded hours report listing employees that have taken more hours than allowed.


  • Real-time validation of available hours when scheduling an absence.
  • Table driven codes and rules for maximum flexibility.
  • Handles both flat and variable rate accruals.
  • Maximum and carry forward hours definable by code type.
  • Rules are further definable by employee status and pay code.
  • Minimum days of hire for calculation during initial probationary period.

Benefit Validation Module

This module provides many of the same validation capabilities as the full Benefit Accrual Module, but rather than calculating an employee’s balances, it utilizes the balances and totals from an interface with the Human Resource (HR) system.