The Occurrence module tracks infractions, such as ‘In Late ‘ or ‘Absent’ employees and assigns a point value to these infractions. The employee’s point levels can then be used to rate their attendance record. This rating may be used when corrective action is necessary in the case of poor attendance, or may be used to provide pay increases, or bonuses, in the case of excellent attendance.

Real-time views of an employee’s attendance record are provided in the exception tab of UltraView. It is very easy for management to view an employee’s daily, weekly, monthly or yearly attendance infraction totals. By drilling into the cell, the individual infraction records are displayed with the actual punches and exception codes.

The infractions and point values are table driven and may be user-defined. Multiple employee classes maybe configured with different infraction levels and point values. This is often utilized for new employees during their probationary period.


  • Positive and negative based values.
  • Perfect period credits, overtime credits, automatic credits, period extenders and rolling drop-offs.
  • A variety of detailed and summary occurrence reports are provided for hard copy distribution.
  • The employee attendance calendar is ideal for employee reviews.
  • The occurrence slip is used when disciplining an employee with a written warning.