Absence Notification Call-In

The Absence Notification Call-In module provides a method for employees to report that they will be arriving late for their shift, leaving early, or will be absent for the day. This module can be configured to utilize the UltraTime Mobile Employee web app, or the voice response module (Twilio Cloud platform).

In UltraView, a telephone icon is displayed in the day cell of an employee that has called in. Clicking and opening the day cell will show the reason code, any remarks and the date/time of the reported in-late or absence.

Call-in records are maintained in their own table and are fully available for reporting and auditing.

Easy – Web app has a simple to use menu with drop down options. Call-in uses a multi-lingual, interactive voice response system (IVR) hosted on the Twilio Cloud platform.

Flexible – Can be utilized on a PC, Mac, landline phone, mobile phone or most smart devices.

Scalable – No practical limits to how many people can submit a notification at the same time. Eliminates the issues of most phone-based systems which require reserving as many phone lines as the number of employees simultaneously calling the system.

Call-in Absence Notification – Mobile Web App

Using the Employee Mobile application and selecting the ‘Absence Notification’ button.

The employee can select whether they will be in late, leaving early or absent for the day. They will then select the reason and confirm the current date or enter a date for the notification. A remarks field is available for any further comments.

The Remove field provides an easy method to cancel the notification.

As soon as the Save button is pressed, the notification is processed.


Call-in Absence Notification – Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Calling in on a landline-based phone or mobile phone, the employee is presented with a number of voice prompts to guide them through the notification process. Using the phone’s keypad, the employee enters their employee ID number and PIN and then selects the correct number with its corresponding option as they are prompted. The system is multi-lingual and supports English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. The system is robust and completely scalable as it is hosted on the Twilio Cloud platform.

With the IVR system, in addition to the absence call-in, employees can also retrieve their schedules and perform hours inquiries. If the Event system is installed, employees can also sign up for positions using the IVR.



  • Web app for utilizing iPhone, Android phone or any smart device for in-late or absence notification.
  • Table driven reason codes and freeform remarks field.
  • Call-in using landline or mobile phone to multi-lingual voice response system.
  • Completely scalable utilizing the Twilio Cloud platform.
  • Results are automatically posted for review in the UltraView hours screen.