Overtime Equalization Module

The Overtime Equalization module provides an automated method for offering and tracking overtime. In general, the system ensures that employees that have been offered the least amount of overtime are given the first opportunity to accept or turn down an open shift.

An automated system not only saves time and reduces mistakes; it also ensures that the employees are offered overtime fairly and impartially according to the employer’s or union’s rules. The order in which the employees are offered the overtime is table driven and supports multiple rule sets that may also include job qualification, seniority and location in determining priority.

The method in which the employees are offered the overtime includes screen lists, printed reports and an optional call-out system that utilizes Twilio, cloud-based (IVR) interactive voice response to call employee’s home or cell phones, answering machines or pagers. As part of the call-out module, employees can also call in and accept offered overtime shifts if they missed the original call and the shift is still available.


  • Ensures employees are offered overtime fairly and according to HR policy.
  • System uses offered overtime balance, seniority, job qualification and location.
  • Optional call-out module utilizes cloud-based IVR to automatically call and record open shift offerings.
  • System logs all calls and results for auditing purposes.