Job Costing

The Job Costing option for UltraTime provides an integrated and seamless method to collect, process and report on job costing data in addition to the standard time and attendance data.

Job Cost data collection is performed in the same manner as time and attendance data collection. The employee simply presses the desired function key, scans their badge followed by scanning the job number of the job they are about to work on.

Accounting Distribution

Job Labor Distribution provides distribution of labor hours charged to a given job number and job step.
Job Labor Cost Distribution provides distribution of actual labor dollar costs including overtime, premium, shift differential and special union payroll rules to a job number and job step.
Job Material Distribution provides distribution of material usage to job number and job step.
Job Material Cost Distribution provides distribution of material costs to job number and job step.


The Job Costing module provides two primary data fields for summarization of data:


Job Number The primary job number identifier typically has a maximum length of ten characters and may be alphanumeric. Employees can key or scan the appropriate job number when they start or stop work on a particular job.
Job Step The job can be subdivided into the steps that are required to complete the job. Labor hours, labor dollars, as well as materials, and material costs can be charged to an individual job step to provide high accountability.


  • Job Costing may incorporate any or all of the job cost accounting features including labor, material and corresponding costs.
  • Many standard reports are available, as well as the ability to generate ad hoc queries using operator selected field ranges and values.
  • Job Costing historical data may be archived at user defined frequencies, but is always available for reporting and inquiries.