Repetitive Parts

The Repetitive Parts module provides an integrated and seamless method to collect, process and report on employee production performance data in addition to standard time and attendance information.

This module is oriented towards companies that have multiple employees performing the same operation on a given part number. The option provides the capability to track the employee’s production efficiency compared to production standards for the part/operation and to other employee’s performance.


The repetitive parts module produces an Employee Efficiency Report, which is normally run daily. This report provides performance data on each employee, with part/operation, good and bad quantities, actual and net parts per hour and actual and net efficiency. The report maintains an efficiency database, which contains summarized data by part, operation, employee, date and production quantities and efficiencies. The efficiency data base can be utilized in a variety of ways based on the needs of the company. Ad Hoc reports and inquiries may be generated to compare specific parts, employees, date ranges and other criteria. The efficiency data may also be exported to an external spreadsheet for producing graphs and comparison charts.