Mobile Employee

Convenient Employee Interaction

Coupled with the employee self service module, provides employees with real-time access to their punches and schedules with the ease and convenience of checking their mobile smart phone. User friendly screens allow employees to put in for leave time and check leave time status.  


  • UltraTime mobile web app (html5) is compatible with most smart devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android based smartphones and tablets.
  • With UltraPunch, a Personal Time Clock function for punching In and Out, Leave/Return from lunch, department transfers and query functions with GPS coordinates, geo-fencing and punch mapping.
  • Employee Calendars for viewing hours worked, schedules and for requesting leave time.
  • With Position-Based Scheduling, employees can post and accept available shifts that match their qualifications.
  • With Absence Call-In, an Absence Notification for alerting when running late or for an unforeseen absence.
  • With WebTime, a Time Entry Form for entering worked and leave hours for honor-based employees.  Utilizes templates and simple copy/paste functions to quickly and easily enter time.
  • Selfie function for taking picture of face for systems that utilize employee pictures and allow employees to take their own.