Door Access Module

The Door Access module provides access control features to the UltraTime Enterprise software, allowing a properly equipped data collection terminal to control employee door access to restricted areas.

The system can restrict employee access based on location, time and day of week. All accesses, whether granted or not, are logged to the system’s access log which may be viewed or printed at any time.

Door access may be configured to work in an off-line mode for companies who do not have real-time access control requirements. In this mode, UltraTime downloads employee information to the access control terminals periodically. From that point on, the individual terminals determine whether entry is granted or denied for that particular access point.

The on-line access control option is designed for companies that have highly fluctuating access schedules or require real-time processing of access control requests, such as high security areas that might require security staff notification upon illegal access attempts. UltraTime’s on-line door access module validates all access requests from the access control terminal network. This allows a supervisor to alter an employee’s access status from either the access control terminal, or the central server and the employee’s new access status would take effect immediately.