IP Phones

Cisco IP phones are an excellent device for capturing employee punch times. Full featured utilizing the Cisco menuing capabilities, employees can punch in and out for the day, take lunch breaks, and query their hours worked.

Utilizes the UltraPunch module, which is a web based time clock, through the services function on IP Phones. Employees log into the UltraPunch software the same as they would using a standard web browser. The employee will be presented with a login screen where they enter their ID number and a PIN to verify their identity. Once logged in, the phone will function just like a time clock. Employees will be presented with the configured options, including: punching In and Out for day, Leaving and Returning from Lunch or Breaks. For a multiple-position system, they will also be able to select which job they are clocking into during the punch. Typical query functions allow employees to check their worked hours, schedules, accrual balances and occurrence point balances. All punches have a clock location for auditing and only employees configured for IP Phone access have the ability to punch.

Key Features

  • Utilizes Cisco IP menu capabilities.
  • Employee enters their ID and PIN number to access UltraPunch.
  • Allows for punching In and Out for day, breaks and lunch.
  • Punches contain phone/clock location for auditing.
  • IP Phone access configured by employee.
  • Capability to query on hours worked and schedule.
  • With corresponding modules, can query accrual and occurrence balances.
  • With self service module, time off can also be requested.