UltraFile Document Tracking

The UltraFile software provides enterprise level capabilities for tracking, requesting, transferring and reporting on file and document location and movements.  The system utilizes color-coded barcode labels that are affixed to end tab file folders.  The document folders are scanned with portable RF barcode scanners, or barcode hand scanners attached to user’s PC’s, when the documents are released, transferred or returned to a user’s location from the document warehouse.

Typical users include corrections facilities, where the software is utilized to track inmate files deployed to institution, parole, counselor, education and medical staff.  Users can easily put in a request for a file and see where the file is currently located and where they are in the queue for the file.  A complete audit trail, which tracks the location history of the file, is available for view or printing.  Also, it is easy to see what files a particular user has and how long they have had them.

Files are deposited in central records when not signed out to a user.  Typically, each morning a delivery report is printed showing what files have been requested for that day.  The files are then scanned and sent out to the various users.  When the user is finished with the file, they return it and the file is ready to be picked for the next user.  The system also supports direct transfers from one user to another.


Powerful Enterprise Level File Tracking Software

The UltraFile software is a 100% browser-based web application utilizing Microsoft .Net with MS-SQL data files and featuring industry standard encryption. Intuitive, robust, fast and secure. A full library of reports are standard, including request list, delivery, user/location, activity, files in use and scan history.

Barcoded Color Coded File Folder Labels

The barcode provides an easy method to capture the user, file ID and date and time by a simple scan of the file label. Color coding helps ensure the files are in the proper physical location by providing a simple visual check that the colored bars line up with the adjacent files.

Portable RF Barcode Terminals

A portable wireless barcode terminal is used to scan the files when they are received, transferred, picked or during inventory. All scans are validated and data stored in real time. The portable unit features a color LCD display, long range transmission (up to 3.3 miles), is small and lightweight and features an integrated laser scanner and handle.

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